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Did you recently come to Poland or you consider moving here? You don’t know which of formalities you have to fill in to make your stay legal? Don’t you worry about a think, our employees will provide every help possible, especially in case of getting through the maze of law regulations. The case is serious, because not fulfilling these formalities may result as getting ban on crossing not only Polish border, but also of the whole European nation members.



Job allowance

Temporary and long term stay allowance

Contact with job department at specified area

Visas extending

Resignation (odwołanie) from decisions made by Silesian Province Governor to leaving the territory of Poland

Here you can check on the example of process of stay validation:

  • First most important case is you having document necessary to cross the border and that is passport
  • You contact us and show us your situation every case is analyzed individually, if you decide to cooperate with us, you will have to sign power of attornity, that will make possible for our  company to undertake actions in the name of yours,
  • One of the cessarities of gaining permission for long term or temporary stay Is owning an income source on Polish territory. The primary target is to find an employer interested in your candidacy at certain job – we will help you with that,
  • In the name of employer we will provide valid announcement for job department,
  • Department capable of giving permission on stay and working on Silesian territory is Silesian  Province Governor and to him we apply question about making positive decision,
  • Last step of the process is awaiting for verification about the announcement and it’s  finalization this grants allowance for stay and work in Poland

We also provide help in enlargement expansion. Allowance for stay and work, also with visas, but the process that we described above is the most common that our Team encounter.
We hope that information found on our website will make you want to use our services and acknowledge our detailed offer.

KnowLex Team